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Cut from 'Star Trek Into Darkness': This Scene Where Cumberbatch Begrudgingly Showers


It was the big Star Trek Into Darkness reveal that had everyone talking: Benedict Cumberbatch was indeed freshly cleaned. But HOW? And why would J.J. Abrams keep that such a closely-guarded secret? Well, last night on Conan, the director revealed a brief deleted scene to answer both those questions. Turns out Cumberbatch just took a shower, but then that was cut because he looked like a hairless cat left in the rain. Lustful "Cumberbitches" and/or Star Trek completists can watch the villain get all huffy about his bath time below.

  • April 30, 2013
    Despite their aggressive, nonstop marketing effort and the fact this Star Trek sequel is going to make a ton of money no matter what, Paramount remains worried no one is coming to see Star Trek Into Darkness, and they're going to look stupid in front of Benedict Cumberbatch. So... / Continue →
  • April 22, 2013
    Offering our first evidence that Star Trek Into Darkness isn't all threats and intense glaring, here's a full clip from J.J. Abrams' upcoming sequel. In it, Spock gets stranded in a volcano, and everyone's like, "Let's save Spock; he's a main character." But Spock is like, "No,... / Continue →
  • April 16, 2013
    There have already been quite a few previews for Star Trek Into Darkness--enough that you may suspect you've already seen all the action, dramatic line-readings, and pensive stares J.J. Abrams has to offer. You would be quite wrong, though, because here is so much more of that ... / Continue →
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