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David O. Russell To Show How Actually Robert De Niro Killed JFK


David O. Russell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro are reportedly getting in on the recent trend of re-murdering Kennedy with an adaptation of Legacy of Secrecy. Showbiz411 claims DiCaprio's Appian Way production company is finally moving forward with its option on the possibly non-fiction book, hiring on David O. Russell to write and direct the film about how the President really died: from a mob hit, duh. De Niro is said to be returning to both Russell's direction and his old mafioso schtick to play Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans kingpin who, before his death in 1993, supposedly said he was the one who put out the JFK kill order. Since then, his claim has been substantiated by evidence Kennedy was indeed shot.

The assassination has been a popular topic in the last couple years, with Tom Hanks and Jonathan Demme both already at work on their own projects on the subject. But seeing as Demme's further involves a time traveler meeting Elvis and other past celebrities, and Tom Hanks' involves Tom Hanks, Russell's take is at least unique in that it in no way resembles Forrest Gump.

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