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'Delivery Man' Teaser: Vince Vaughn Has Mental Problems, Prolific Sperm


The idea of a carbon copy overlaid with Vince Vaughn didn't work so well for 1998's Psycho, and does not sound like a great idea anyway. But Québécois writer-director Ken Scott is nonetheless giving it another shot in the English-language remake of his Starbuck, Delivery Man. The original, only two-year old film centers on a man whose sperm donations have resulted in the births of over 500 children, who collectively file suit to learn the identity of their father. As you could probably have guessed, in this redo, that father ends up being someone from Wedding Crashers. Here's the first teaser. If you're expecting a joke about masturbating in a cup, you're surprisingly wrong somehow.

Spoiler alert: here's where that's headed...

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