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Gael García Bernal To Star in Jon Stewart's Movie


Gael García Bernal has become the first actor to join Rosewater, the film that marks Jon Stewart's transition from acting flabbergasted by news effects to dramatizing them. Continuing in Argo's path, Rosewater will have everyone canceling their big Iranian vacation plans. Bernal is to play Maziar Bahari, a BBC journalist who spent 118 days imprisoned and tortured in Iran while covering the country's 2009 presidential elections. Bahari detailed his harrowing experience in a book titled Then They Came For Me: A Family's Story Of Love, Captivity And Survival, the subtitle referring in part to the pregnant fiancée the reporter had left at home. The film's title, meanwhile, refers to the scent that Bahari said accompanied his interrogator each time he returned for more brutal questioning about being a spy. Turns out that's Iran's version of "The Axe Effect."

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