Johnny Depp Exits 'Black Mass' When It Fails to Pay Him Johnny Depp Money

May 30, 2013


Giving him more time to get makeup-slathered for Disney, Johnny Depp has reportedly exited Black Mass, the Whitey Bulger biopic that has failed to recognize what it costs for the actor to remove his tinted glasses.

Barry Levinson is directing the film, and Depp was to star as the Boston crime boss for whom Jack Nicholson's The Departed character was based. But that arrangement was based on Depp getting Depp money--"his usual quote of $20 million"--and when Black Mass failed to hit its sales goals at Cannes, the film's budget was lowered and Depp was asked to take a paltry $10 million. Naturally, this meager sum has proven unacceptable to the Tourist, and he's walking away from the project, leaving Levinson to find someone else to star alongside Joel Edgerton's FBI agent.

On the bright side, though, this is good news for Ben Affleck. Keeping with his making almost everything involve Boston crime, he too is working on a Bulger film, which now does not have Depp's name to contend against. Affleck's film has Matt Damon attached to star, and as you can imagine, it will be quite a bit easier keeping him on board. You can't have a salary dispute when you're paid entirely in BFF heart pendant halves.

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