Larry David HBO Movie Has Teaser, Hobo Hair

May 20, 2013


Still no new season of Curb, but this August, Larry David will at least give us an apparently more-hirsute form of improvised hysterics with the original movie Clear History. Premiering on HBO, the largely-ad-libbed comedy stars David as a marketing executive who gets into an argument with boss Jon Hamm and drops his 10% stake in their electric car start-up; disgraced when the company soon becomes a billion-dollar success, David's Nathan Flomm changes his name and retreats to an island, where he later finds himself again confronted by Hamm's obnoxious success in business and genetics. Arguments on social norms and personal taboos presumably ensue.

EW has just debuted a teaser and first image from the film, and from the looks of it, this could be a major departure for David. Mostly in that there won't be any "bald/four-eyed fuck" jokes in this, because L.D. looks like Patrick Stewart as a vacationing caveman. Anyway, there's also a short promo for the film, where you can see David's new, flowing locks blow in the breeze of a convertible. Have a look below.

Superbad director Greg Mottola is directing the film--though, clearly, longtime Seinfeld/Curb director Larry Charles is there in spirit.


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