'Muppets' Director May Do 'Alice in Wonderland' Sequel

May 31, 2013


The Muppets series director my be taking over another franchise Disney would like to keep making money on. The Wrap claims James Bobin, who's currently working on The Muppets... Again!, is in early talks to direct the studio's Alice in Wonderland sequel that will almost certainly see a lot more hat-making going on. Bobin has not yet met with producers, but that's reportedly only because a meeting with Johnny Depp has to happen first, as he is the keeper of the cartoonishly-gnarled gate guarding Tim Burton properties. Despite that, Depp apparently also isn't officially signed on. But considering the original made over a billion dollars, it's hard to imagine Disney won't be willing to fork over at least the usual $20 million needed to get some makeup and a hat on him.

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