New 'The Wolverine' Trailer Offers More Licking

May 21, 2013


With The Wolverine hitting theaters in just two months, 20th Century Fox has released yet another trailer for their ongoing saga of Hugh Jackman not singing. Based on a famed comic arc from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, the film sees Logan visit Japan, where he faces death and sushi, which he's at first very reluctant to try, noting that raw fish sounds so gross. Later, though, someone finally tricks him into eating some, and once it's revealed what he's just consumed, Logan is surprised and delighted to find himself enjoying the cuisine, chuckling at how silly he'd been to avoid it. In the epilogue, back in the U.S., he picks up some more sushi from a suburban strip mall, but he notes to Cyclops that he's been to Japan and it's way better there. "Have you been? You should really go in spring." I don't know why they made a movie out of that.

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