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'Timecop' To Be Remade with Fewer Splits


Universal is reportedly developing a remake of Timecop, their 1994 film about "Timecop" being a really good name for a movie. Like, maybe the best name. They sure can't think of anything better.

timecop-splits.jpgThe original was based on a Dark Horse Comics story, and starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as a time-traveling law enforcer--though you probably could have guessed that from the title alone. That's one of the reason's it's such a good title. The film was only modestly successful domestically, but since you can't just sit on a name like "Timecop," it still spawned a short-lived ABC television series and Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision, a straight-to-video sequel that foolishly attempted to improve upon the original with a Robert Ludlum-esque subtitle, like it needed that. Van Damme was not involved in that film, and THR reports he won't be in this reboot either, as it's "a re-imagining of the concept" that imagines Timecops aren't so visibly flexible. They'll presumably still be cops policing time travel, though, or just what kind of Timecop is this?

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