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'V/H/S/ 2' Red-Band Trailer: This Footage Is So Horrifyingly Found!


VHS--the spookiest of home video formats, forever haunted by the last half of Gremlins 2 taped off Showtime--returns to again plague our cushy, DVR-coddled lives in V/H/S/ 2. Like the original chapter of the horror anthology, the film uses the horror found-footage approach as a jumping point for finding some more, also horrific found footage, that footage being the most found of all found footage and, therefore, probably the scariest.

The directors of The Raid, You're Next, Hobo with a Shotgun, and founding footage father The Blair Witch Project are among the contributors this time around, and it appears they've brought to the table such scares as: aliens; man getting run over by an SUV; a group of guys becoming suicidal after they all interpreted "business casual" the same way; nearly-defeated first-person-shooter boss Diaper Man (seen above); and naked babe. Here's a trailer to show off all that NSFW content. Prepare to fear sports utility vehicles and nudity more than you even did before.

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