Yeah, 'Iron Man 3' Did Pretty Well

May 6, 2013


Your weekend box office:

1. Iron Man 3 - $175.3 million, making for the second-biggest opening ever behind The Avengers. People love Gwyneth Paltrow movies!

2. Pain and Gain - $7.6 million, once again proving The Rock to be our closest equivalent to a guy in an inhumanly-powerful suit.

3. 42 - $6.2 million, surprisingly holding on better than Oblivion despite having been out a week longer. Probably because of something about baseball and nothing about Tom Cruise growing increasingly difficult to see as anything but a crazy person.

4. Oblivion - $5.8 million. It's probably just that he's so iconic as Jack Reacher that no one wants to accept him as any other characters. Right?

5. The Croods - $4.2 million--a value reflecting the sorrow felt by kids who really wished Mom had remembered to get tickets to Iron Man earlier.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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