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A Lot of People Watched the New Michael Shannon Film


Your weekend box office:

1. Man of Steel - $113.1 million, with Superman setting a new June record with a four-day opening total over $125 million. He did it.*

2. This Is the End - $20.5 million. The much larger opening for Grown Ups would seem to indicate audiences prefer their "famous comedians pal around" films with fewer biblical end-of-times consequences.

3. Now You See Me - $10.3 million. At this point, the film's surprising staying power probably means we'll be getting a Now You See Me Again. Look what you've somehow done now, Jesse Eisenberg.

4. Fast & Furious 6 - $9.4 million, or approximately half the ticket share from people who simply to see "muscle man go fast movie."

5. The Purge - $8.2 million, dropping a massive 76% in just its second weekend. Still, though, might as well make a sequel.

*That's the best line in the film.

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