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'Alpha Papa' Trailer: Alan Partridge Finally Gets an Action Movie


The announcement teaser trailer wasn't kidding: Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge movie really is called Alpha Papa, and it indeed places the character at the center of a police siege, because that's the kind of thrilling action Alan Partridge fans demand. It's all confirmed in this new trailer that will leave you wanting to see more, and also wanting see a fat woman fall down a hole. Just you wait.

  • March 15, 2013
    After over twenty years of intermittent appearances as narcissistic presenter Alan Partridge, Steven Coogan is at last bringing his most enduring character to screens in a feature film. And it turns out that film is probably going to be called Alpha Papa. Here's a teaser to exp... / Continue →
  • March 19, 2013
    All your favorite CGI shapes and recognizable voices are back for another animated 3D thing that will keep children relatively entertained! Here is what that looks and sounds like:... / Continue →
  • February 19, 2013
    Physically absent from cinemas since Furry Vengeance bizarrely played them off to "Insane in the Membrane," Brendan Fraser and his little gull-winged hair buddy return to screens this Friday with Stand Off. The film focuses on a small-time gambler who gets into debt with a mob ... / Continue →
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