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Arnold Will Be a Terminator in January, Expresses Pride in 'Twins' Sequel


Only seven more months until Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us that learning computers, too, grow old to eventually die alone! Speaking to fanatics at TheArnoldFans(dotcom) (via), he has confirmed that the long-discussed fifth Terminator film will finally begin production in January, with Schwarzenegger starring "as the Terminator," however that works.

Arnold also said he's still planning another Conan movie and, most crucially, he's been told he'll be getting the script for his Twins sequel, Triplets, in just two weeks. "That character was a fantastic character," Schwarzenegger added, referring to whoever his character is in Twins. It will hopefully be written in the script.

Following these reveals, the actor added, "I feel very proud of that. I feel very happy and I'm looking forward to doing those films." For a man who provided the most insane audio commentary ever recorded, that's still a pretty crazy thing to say.

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