'Coming to America' Employer McDowell's Getting Torn Down

June 18, 2013


McDowell's, the fast food knock-off that gave Louie Anderson a job and Prince Akeem the experience of minimum wage, will soon be nothing but the ruins of Golden Arcs and Eddie Murphy's once-enjoyable career. The Wall Street Journal (via) reports that the Queens Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers that served as the Coming to America locale has, over the last few weeks, boarded up its windows in preparation for being torn down--now 25 years since it was a film set, and two years since someone left a review saying "staff just threw basic yellow napkins over the vomit and scooped it up with a broom leaving vomit residue and smell behind."

In a strangely-fitting tribute to the events of Coming to America, the once-dilapidated locale will be turned into luxury apartments.

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