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De Niro and Travolta Do Waterboarding, Jäger Shots, in 'Killing Season' Trailer


Fans have always wanted to see Robert De Niro and John Travolta physically assault each other, and it looks like they're finally going to get the chance with Killing Field.

The latest minimal effort from When in Rome/Daredevil/Ghost Rider/Simon Birch director Mark Steven Johnson, the film casts De Niro as a military vet skipping out on a baptism to take it easy in his remote hunting cabin. When Travolta arrives with a ridiculous accent and ink for a beard, De Niro quickly welcomes him into a wilderness Perfect Strangers scenario as European roommate and hunting companion. But, turns out Travolta is a Serbian with a wartime grudge against De Niro, so probably like 70 minutes into this thing the two are going to start killing each other.

Here's the trailer. It looks about as good as Travolta's painted-on frame of hair.

Find out July 12 whether or not the waterboarding rinses off Travolta's beard.

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