DiCaprio, Foxx Re-Teaming To Shoot Some More Dudes

June 27, 2013


Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx are reportedly attached to co-star again, this time without the unifying bond of forced human bondage, in Warner Bros. adaptation of the upcoming crime novel Mean Business On North Ganson Street. DiCaprio will play a police detective characterized in an early scene when a man reports the death of his beautiful wife, to which DiCaprio responds that she was just a hooker running off with his money--a pretty out-of-line comment unless she really looked like a greedy hooker. The aftermath of the remark is tragic and gets Det. DiCaprio transferred to the violent town of Victory, Missouri, where he's partnered with another asshole: Jamie Foxx, a detective demoted for brutality. Classic buddy cop pairing of uptight, by-the-books white guy and his loose cannon black partner two sociopaths. Should be fun.

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