George Michael Gets Sinister for the 'Magic Magic' Trailer

June 11, 2013


Traveling abroad is fun, and can be a rewarding way to expand your horizons, but let's not forget that new places can also bring about unexpected dangers. Like: what if Michael Cera is there, and he has a rifle? Well, here's a reminder of such a risk with Sebastián Silva's Magic Magic. Juno Temple stars as a vacationer staying in Chile with some other foreigners--among them Cera, who seems to be following Elijah Wood's path of maniacally glaring himself from scrawny hipster to still-scrawny sociopath. Here's the trailer, in which Cera freaks Temple out by shooting a bird and sneaking some pervy hair contact. Magic? (Magic.)

I don't think I like where this season of Arrested Development is headed.

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