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Larry David Reverts to Natural Form in Full 'Clear History' Trailer


Larry David molts the insane serial killer hair of the previous trailers and emerges the beautiful bald asshole we know and love in the latest preview for his HBO film, Clear History.

The comedy sees David as a marketing executive that sells his shares in an electric car company after a typically-Davidian argument with boss Jon Hamm. Shortly after, the company's shares make its stockholders billionaires, and David sheepishly retreats to an island community, changing his name and making a new life for himself. Years later, Hamm coincidentally decides to also move there, threatening David's new life and sending him into the expected fits of exasperated shouting and open-handed gestures. Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, and Curb ringer J.B. Smoove also star--plus, Michael Keaton looks like a ridiculous old fisherman. In lieu of any new Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, this will certainly do.

  • June 10, 2013
    If the first teaser for Clear History left any doubt that that was Larry David under all that fake hair, let the below bout of suddenly-exasperated shouting assure you that this Christ-like figure is indeed LD, our messiah of comic peevishness returned in movie form to suffer f... / Continue →
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  • August 6, 2012
    The plot of Larry David's improvised HBO film has been revealed, and it sounds like one hell of a bald, four-eyed fuck of a thing. In the best way possible.... / Continue →
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