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Lead Cast in O.J. Simpson Film We're Apparently Spending $65 Million On


TheWrap reports British actress Charlotte Kirk has been cast as Nicole Brown Simpson in An American Mystery, a $65 million film that will "take a fair and balanced look" at the eternal mystery of O.J. Simpson murdering his wife. Joshua Newton is directing the "sure-to-be controversial project"--already stirring debate as to why it costs $65 million to make a 1996 Lifetime movie (time travel?)--and he supposedly has new evidence to rationalize its existence. Kirk, whose big break is coming with the Liam Neeson-on-an-airplane thriller Non-Stop, will portray Brown Simpson for the entirety of her adult life, from meeting the football star at 18 to later dying from meeting the football star at 18. The other lead has not yet been cast--but, hey, how about O.J. himself? He definitely acts. Though, unfortunately, I'm not sure he's free.

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