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Liam Neeson Demands $20 Million, Plus Return of Immediate Family Member, for 'Taken 3'


Fox had made the first major move in their experiment in keeping Liam Neeson's family in perpetual abduction limbo, a Schrödinger's Taken of being both taken and untaken, unknowable until someone calls Neeson's cell phone. The studio and Luc Besson's EuropaCorp are reportedly closing a deal with the 61-year-old to once again murder some dudes in another Taken sequel.

Beyond spawning innumerable scenes of Neeson grimacing down a handgun sight, the actor's career second-act of now just doing this shit will also see him receive his largest-ever paycheck, said to be in the vicinity of $20 million. Production on the marginally-new film is set to begin in February, and while there aren't yet plot details, screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen previously suggested, "We've taken everyone we can take -- it's going to go in another direction." So maybe this time Liam Neeson will be given something. A cool orangutan with a particular set of skills, hopefully.

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