Liam Neeson Demands $20 Million, Plus Return of Immediate Family Member, for 'Taken 3'

June 25, 2013


Fox had made the first major move in their experiment in keeping Liam Neeson's family in perpetual abduction limbo, a Schrödinger's Taken of being both taken and untaken, unknowable until someone calls Neeson's cell phone. The studio and Luc Besson's EuropaCorp are reportedly closing a deal with the 61-year-old to once again murder some dudes in another Taken sequel.

Beyond spawning innumerable scenes of Neeson grimacing down a handgun sight, the actor's career second-act of now just doing this shit will also see him receive his largest-ever paycheck, said to be in the vicinity of $20 million. Production on the marginally-new film is set to begin in February, and while there aren't yet plot details, screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen previously suggested, "We've taken everyone we can take -- it's going to go in another direction." So maybe this time Liam Neeson will be given something. A cool orangutan with a particular set of skills, hopefully.

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