Mischa Barton Upset 'Bling Ring' Acknowledges She Used To Be a Celebrity

June 28, 2013


Mischa Barton has taken to Twitter to speak out against The Bling Ring, the new Sofia Coppola film that Barton suspects is creepy and awful. While she acknowledges she hasn't seen the film, apparently she's heard how it mentions her last convincing role--that of a drunk driver--and she thinks Coppola should be ashamed for bringing up the selfish, criminal acts of a stuck-up rich girl in a movie about that.

"Really #sofiacoppola #theblingring my name? Shame on you," Barton tweeted Wednesday, later adding, "The whole idea of this movie, granted, I haven't seen it, creeps me out #theblingring . #undeserved," and, "Why does this movie sound so awful! Wish it didn't exist #theblingring." Harsh words considering she is still apparently fine with the existence of her own Apartment 1303 3D.

But lest you think all the tabloid-favorite celebrities mentioned in The Bling Ring take issue with the film, the more heavily-featured Paris Hilton has offered a vastly different perspective. "I loved The @BlingRingMovie!," she tweeted earlier this month, despite that what she calls #AMustSeeFilm depicts her as an egomaniacal sociopath that adorns her walls and throw pillows in her own image. Because Paris Hilton is the classy one in this scenario.


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