Of Course 'Dolphin Tale' Will Get a Sequel

June 20, 2013


Much like the beast at its center, Dolphin Tale will live on thanks to an artificially-constructed device forcefully attached to its end. The inspirational pun about a dolphin saved by a fake tail is reportedly getting a sequel after the original made $95 million worldwide, in the process somehow making a rare climb from third to first at the domestic box office in its second week of release. Dolphin Tale Too will similarly be inspired by Winter the bottlenose dolphin's touching tale (wink!) of someone strapping a device to its butt, but will also involve a baby dolphin, because at almost seven, Winter is aging out of this cute marine mammal game. Original stars Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman, and Kris Kristofferson are all in talks to reprise their roles, as no one is entirely sure what made the original popular, nor who or what could be cut to ensure the success of the follow-up. Best not to change too much on the off chance kids have been looking for a hot new Kris Kristofferson franchise.

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