Robert Downey Jr. Will Keep on Avenging as Iron Man

June 20, 2013


Likely putting an end to Jason Patric's goatee growth, Robert Downey Jr. has been confirmed to reprise his role as Tony Stark in the next two Avengers films.

While we'd all like to think that the actor will keep on cracking wise and shooting palm blasts out until his wrists and/or drug-addled brain give out, Downey's continued involvement in the Marvel Universe has been sort of a question due to the usual issue of money. Now out of contract but still a charming-as-shit box office draw, Downey received over $50 million for being in The Avengers, and his participation in further solo film has been far from guaranteed. That remains the case, but it seems he'll at least fulfill his civic duty of finishing off this other trilogy and making another $100 million+, so, phew.

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