Steve McQueen's 'Great St. Louis Bank Robbery' To Be Remade with Adrien Brody and Akon

June 25, 2013


The 1959 heist film The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery is being remade with a cast that says, "This is probably going straight to home video, but hey, we're at least spending a bit on it." While the original Charles Guggenheim-John Stix film notably starred Steve McQueen, the new one is being lead by Hollywood's newly-crowned King of Cool, Hayden Christensen. He'll now reportedly be joined by Jordana Brewster, Adrien Brody, and Akon, whom you respectively know from Fast/Furious, the bygone highs of the The Pianist and the modern days lows of InAPPropriate Movie, and the thrilling Gwen Stefani getaway production The Sweet Escape.

The remake will be going under the excitingly less specific name of American Heist, but it's not because of anything to do with rights: the original has already been let go into the public domain. So that's how they could afford Akon.

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