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Watch 'Dr. Easy', Shynola's Robo-Negotiator Short


The UK visual artist collective Shynola's memorable, award-winning music video work has already earned them film and TV work for the likes of The IT Crowd, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. But now they would like to make their own film, so they've made a demo in the form of a short about a futuristic medical robot forced to negotiate with a holed-up gunman. Their hope is that this eight-minute piece will get some Hollywood notice, and could serve as a prologue to a feature-length adaptation of Matthew De Abaitua's The Red Men. Naturally, if that happens, the studio will want the robot replaced with Nicolas Cage as a man not trained to be negotiator but he's the best hope we've got, but the Shynola guys can worry about that later. For now, just watch:

(Thanks, Pete.)

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