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'12 Monkeys' Television Series Probably Coming to SyFy


Should a time-traveling convict ever visit our present, looking for information on why the future is plagued by a 12 Monkeys series, here's what you're going to want to give him: this story from The Hollywood Reporter that explains how SyFy is making that.

Nikita and Terra Nova writers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett are adapting the 1995 Terry Gilliam cult classic, which was loosely based on La jetée and co-written by Blade Runner's David Peoples. It starred Bruce Willis as a post-apocalyptic prisoner sent to the past to gather information and samples of a virus that later mutates and wipes out the majority of humanity. Brad Pitt won a Golden Globe for being a crazy guy.

The pitch is reportedly "being eyed as a 90-minute backdoor pilot that would eventually lead to a straight-to-series order," though Syfy original programming president Mark Stern added that they're still "flushing out what the rest of the series might be." Like, maybe it would be about a guy traveling through time to collect samples of the past's deadliest shark hybrids, definitely.

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