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Actor Dennis Farina Dies at 69


Cop-turned-actor-turned-pretend-cop Dennis Farina has reportedly died at the age of 69, the actor's publicist has told the Associated Press. TMZ adds that the cause of death was a blood clot in Farina's lung.

Farina served in the Chicago Police Department for nearly twenty years, only getting into films thanks to his being a police consultant to Michael Mann, whose films pretty frequently need that. A small role in Thief got him hooked on acting, leading to a 32-year career that saw him doing comedy and drama, and frequently either cop or criminal, with equal flair. In more recent years, he became better-known for his television work, appearing on The New Girl, Mann's Luck, and, most famously, two seasons of Law & Order. But he'll also be fondly remembered for his many film roles, among them Jimmy Serrano from Midnight Run, "Cousin Avi" in Snatch, and Get Shorty's Ray "Bones" Barboni. From Miami:

I always thought his mustache would go first.

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