America Loves Freedom and Those Little Yellow CGI Jerks

July 8, 2013


Your Fourth of July weekend box office:

1. Despicable Me - $82.5 million, a proud, patriotic showing of America's freedom to choose between whichever celebrity-voiced CGI creature or makeup-slathered Johnny Depp we're presented with at any given time.

2. The Lone Ranger - $29.4 million--Depp's worst debut ever for a film where he wears a bird as a hat.

3. The Heat - $25 million. Fun fact: originally producers wanted the film to be led by Jenny McCarthy and Jim J. Bullock.

4. Monsters University - $19.6 million, dropping three spots as audiences begin to finally feel the shame of the Monster frats' grotesquely sexual hazing rituals.

5. World War Z - $18.2 million, bolstered by that being the next available showing and god is it hot out. Let's just see that.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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