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Another 'Sharknado' Forming, and You Can Name It


SyFy's highly-trained team of syentists have already moved on from sharknadoes to proving the existence of a pescafterlife, but it turns out they're not yet done with their study of shark-based weather events. With last week's Sharknado going viral as a thing to mock for a day or two, SyFy has announced plans to follow up their surprise sort-of-hit with a sequel. Insane shark TV movie originality is dead.

Though the forming of sharknadoes is probably best left to the geniuses who discovered them, the network is reportedly giving ironic fans the opportunity to participate a bit in the debatably creative process. The sequel--which this time brings a funnel of sharks to New York City--needs a subtitle, and SyFy is looking for ideas. So if you've got any subtitles that can meet the high standards of something called "Sharknado," tweet them to @SyfyMovies with a #sharknado hashtag. Assumedly "Central Shark," "Manhattfin," and something about "The Great White Way" have already been tossed out there, so make it good.

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