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Charlie Kaufman Adapting Kurt Vonnegut for Guillermo del Toro, So How About That?


In some rare remake news that actually sounds pretty acceptable, Guillermo del Toro has reportedly set Charlie Kaufman to continue Eternal Sunshine's thesis on time-disjointed fatalism with a new adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five.

There aren't a lot of details yet, but according to ThePlaylist, a just-published Daily Telegraph interview with del Toro contains a few quotes about his long-planned film, and the director says his Slaughterhouse-Five will bring Kaufman back to a world of Vonnegut he's already explored in parody.

"Charlie [Kaufman] and I talked for about an hour-and-a-half and came up with a perfect way of doing the book," he reportedly said. "I love the idea of the Trafalmadorians [the aliens of 'Slaughterhouse-Five'] -- to be 'unstuck in time,' where everything is happening at the same time. And that's what I want to do. It's just a catch-22. The studio will make it when it''s my next movie, but how can I commit to it being my next movie until there's a screenplay? Charlie Kaufman is a very expensive writer!"

"I"ll work it out," he added, though it still isn't entirely clear when that will be, as del Toro already has about a half-dozen other film and television projects in mixed stages of development.

There's also the matter of how there's already a pretty decent 1972 adaptation that Vonnegut himself heavily praised for effectively translating his tone and vision to screen. Thankfully, already having a perfectly serviceable version of something is not actually a hindrance in Universal making a new version of anything, so hopefully we'll soon get to see whatever bizarre take Kaufman and del Toro will unquestionably bring the material. Probably even more surreally metaphysical elements, plus now the aliens will look like the worst fucking monsters ever?

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