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Ian Ziering Fights Sharknadoes with Chainsaws


"'Nuff said" concluded Sharknado's brief first teaser, confident it had succinctly summed up its contents with just a crude portmanteau and a shot of a the equally-crude remnants of Tara Reid. Alas, it turns out that was not quite 'nuff said on the matter, as there's more to this story than just a windstorm of fish and crumbling American Pie crust. So here's what remains to be said with a new, extended trailer. (Note: mostly what's left to be said is that former 90210 star Ian Ziering fights airborne sharks with a chainsaw.)

If you were wondering the answer to this trailer's title--"TOO VIOLENT FOR TV??"--the answer is "no." It is exactly for TV and only TV, and the whole film will premiere on SyFy tomorrow night.

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