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'Legion' Becoming a SyFy Series, In Case It Wasn't Close Enough Already


Upon discovering that the 2010 angel-with-guns film Legion was not, in fact, a SyFy Original Series, SyFy has started work on correcting that for their 2014 schedule.

legion-freak.jpgThe network today reportedly ordered a pilot for Dominion, a supernatural action series to be based on the last known whereabouts of Paul Bettany.

Scott Stewart wrote and directed the Legion film, which saw stretchy-faced possessed people and angels waging war on humanity to stop the birth of a new savior, because at this point God was over it. Bettany played the archangel Michael, fallen to Earth to defend mankind, with a bunch of guns. Bettany is not expected to return, but Stewart will executive produce and direct the pilot, as He too is a cruel and wrathful creator.

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