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'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' Teaser: Idris Elba Takes Walk to Freedom Pretty Literally


This weekend, Idris Elba hits screens as a charismatic leader whose rousing words inspire action. It just so happens that said "action" is for people to link their brains inside giant robots and punch some monster freaks, but hey, if you're the type who prefers actions be "historically significant" or "not absurd concepts invented by a twelve-year-old," Elba will soon have some impassioned speeches for you, too, with Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Directed by The Other Boleyn Girl's Justin Chadwick, the biopic follows Mandela's life from childhood to his eventual rise to President of South Africa, with Elba playing the leader and Skyfall's Naomie Harris playing wife Winnie.

Here's the first teaser, which kind of looks like The Hobbit travel scenes if Thomas Kinkade painted them and you replaced the dwarves with children. So, historically accurate.

Worth noting, that January 3 date is only for the UK; the film hits select US theaters November 29, so we can remember to give it all the awards.

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