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Michael B. Jordan Will Be Apollo Creed's Grandson in 'Rocky' Spin-Off


Answering America's demand for more films about the grandchildren of Rocky's killed-off former antagonists, director Ryan Coogler and his Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan are re-teaming for a movie about the grandson Apollo Creed never knew but now we will.

Deadline brings the news and optimistically notes that the film isn't the usual studio opportunism that's become typical for big franchises. Like a sad nursing home resident, Coogler has apparently long been wanting to tell his grandson story, and with his Fruitvale Station getting him recognition and representation, he was finally able to now bring the idea to Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone, being the man who decided to do Rocky Balboa and Rambo, obviously loved the pitch, and agreed to produce and co-star in the film. He'll play a Rocky retired for real this time, out of boxing altogether, but talked into training Jordan's young Creed, still rich from his grandfather's purses but nonetheless driven by an instinctive, genetic desire to punch competitively.

Coogler is expected to make Creed his next film. Hopefully he gets someone to play James Brown's grandson to perform the grandsong of "Living in America."

(Thanks, Kid Braggart)

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