Netflix in Talks for More 'Arrested Development'

July 12, 2013


Part of their plan of forever keeping us waiting for that movie they're always talking about, Arrested Development producers have entered talks to instead do another season on The Netflick. From his entertainment tower sitting technically below Jerry Bruckheimer's, Brian Grazer has said they're in "conversations" with the principal cast to return for another serving of mustard and parmesan, Variety reports, while cautioning that their own sources "emphasized that there are no active negotiations at present between Netflix and studio 20th Century Fox TV."

Still, Netflix did substantiate the claim yesterday, a rep saying the company is indeed "interested in doing another season of Arrested Development if it is logistically possible." That being key, if things do come together, with the actors' varyingly busy schedules, it's expected shooting would begin next summer at the earliest. It's also expected that the first few new episodes won't really hook you, and you'll start to worry the show has this time figuratively jumped the shark, but then it will pull its threads together and turn out pretty decent, all things considered.

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