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New 'Gravity' Trailer: A Continuous Two-Minute Shot of Clooney and Bullock Freaking Out


It's been over six years since Alfonso Cuarón released Children of Men, and in the period since, he's spent a lot of the time dealing with the nonstop casting issues of his shuttle-mission-gone-wrong film, Gravity. Back before he even settled on Sandra Bullock, finally agreeing to make this the unofficial close of her dangerous transportation trilogy, there was already talk that one of the film's big talking points would be an over a single 20-minute tracking shot. And though a lot with the film may have changed in the last few years, it looks like at least a couple minutes of that shot have made it through to the final product--and now to the latest trailer for the October release. Have a look at two-minute continuous space panic below, and feel some relief that you aren't an astronaut. (No, but you really should have pursued your dream of being an astronaut. It would have been so awesome. You would have been happy.)

  • May 10, 2013
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  • January 3, 2012
    - Sandra Bullock told USA Today that director Alfonso Cuaron forbid her or George Clooney to wear makeup on their upcoming Gravity, thus ensuring the desolate sci-fi film some coverage in Us Weekly's Whoops! Stars Caught Without Their Face On section. (via!) - Elton John, who ... / Continue →
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