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Peter Serafinowicz Making Feature Debut, Might Be in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'


The always-enjoyable Peter Serafinowicz is reportedly following up his recent directorial work singing Daft Punk and building humans with what will be his first feature-length project. Twitch (via) reports the Shaun of the Dead and Running Wilde co-star has, with author and Assassins Creed III writer Danny Wallace, written I See What You Did There, and he'll be directing and starring in the film next year. The comedy is being described as "The King Of Comedy meets Misery," with Serafinowicz playing a stand-up comic who murders a heckler and gets caught by his biggest fan. So probably kind of a dark comedy.

Meanwhile, because the cast of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy can apparently never be vast or eclectic enough, the Darth Maul voice is also apparently being rumored to join the Marvel Universe in that. Shame Vin Diesel is already being rumored to play Vision, because Serafinowicz does one hell of an android:

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