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'Seventh Son' Trailer: The Dude and Maude Lebowski Finally Do High Fantasy


In a war between good and Julianne Moore-with-a-tail, Jeff Bridges is the last in a line of knights and maybe misogynists able to stop her. Unfortunately, just look how haggard this guy is looking these days, so he's forced to take on apprentice Ben Barnes--the seventh son of the seventh son, logically, almost--training him to distrust his girlfriend and kill this other lady. So it goes with The Seventh Son, a fantasy action film originally scheduled to come out last February, then bumped to October before again getting pushed all the way to the notorious studio dumping grounds of next January. It was also originally called "The Spook's Apprentice" until someone realized wow that sounds racist.

So, now it's called The Seventh Son, and here's the first trailer. The film's cast and swords-and-sorcery setting may have you thinking you're in for Big Lebowski meets Prince Caspian. That would be an incorrect thing to expect. Prepare yourself more for the scents of the new Conan and Nicolas Cage's Season of the Witch.

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