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Slipknot Founder Getting into Directing with 'Officer Downe'


Because Fred Durst can't be our only nu metal filmmaker, apparently, Slipknot co-founder Shawn "Clown" Crahan is reportedly making his feature directorial debut on Officer Downe. Crahan--whose filmmaking experience already includes several music videos and, of course, an appearance alongside Chris Klein in Rollerball--will direct from a script from from Joe Casey, who wrote the hyperviolent one-shot comic from which the film is being adapted. The plot concerns an L.A. cop who frequently gets brutally killed in the line of duty, which is fine because he's able to be telekinetically revived to go right back to fighting crime the next day. Crahan frequently wears masks on stage; Office Downe has this part where a guy's face flesh is being peeled off like a mask. I guess that's a good fit?

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