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'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Trailer: Turns Out Ben Stiller Made a Real Movie Out of This


In Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake, the director casts himself as a man whose wild imagination immerses him in fantastical adventure. But while the high-concept logline may be reminiscent of Stiller's other recent tales of madcap fantasy/insane delusions, this first trailer for Mitty makes clear you should not be expecting another Night at the Museum--at least until Ben Stiller inevitably spends another night at a museum.

This preview seems to set up a much more indie drama-styled escapist adventure, replete with all the Of Monsters and Men backing, horizontal across-the-screen traveling shots, and preciously-composed framing meekly demanded of the genre. As it's set up, Stiller plays the titular character, whose stark apartment, bleakly-pallid life, and official Loser-brand windbreaker should clue you in that he is a Sad Bastard. Thankfully, he has a well-traveled and occasionally CGI-enhanced imagination, allowing him to escape from his boring life and looming work problems--like, his unrequited affections for co-worker Kristen Wiig and the bullying of a Travolta-bearded Adam Scott, who seems to be reprising his role from Step Brothers, having used his helicopter company as a springboard for an executive position at LIFE.

So Sean Penn is this one's Teddy Roosevelt? There always needs to be a two-dimensional celebrity presence beckoning us to Stiller's world of whimsy.

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