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'X-Force' Movie Being Quietly Planned Beneath Some Shoulderpads


Could an X-Force movie be 20th Century Fox's squinty vision of their X-Men future? So it seems, with noticing that the studio only months ago registered "" to save it for use. That alone wouldn't necessarily mean much, but there are more clues hidden in this story's multitude of extraneous thigh pockets. And most of those come from X-Force creator Rob Liefeld, who's been quick to respond on Twitter about the rumors, confirming that he was told in March that the film was "in the planning stages." He also claims that team would include the likes of Cable and Deadpool--rather than the X-Force lineup Peter Milligan and Mike Allred introduced in their later, smarter incarnation that later became X-Statix--but also rightly notes that a stand-alone Magneto film was also in planning at one point, so it's still far too early to tell if this will ever come close to reaching the casting stage. Sorry, massive, crudely-disproportionate acting community.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is now confirming the story with the news Kick-Ass 2 writer Jeff Wadlow has been hired to draft a screenplay.

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