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Ang Lee To Re-Shoot Classic Boxing Fights in 3D, or Something


Drawing inspiration from the knockouts of yesteryear, when he used to get drunk and pass out to ESPN Classic a lot, Ang Lee is planning to make a film where legendary boxing matches of the '60s and '70s are recreated in 3D, or something. Honestly, there aren't a lot of details right now, but Deadline says the director's follow-up to Life of Pi will use Lee's newly-beloved 3D cameras to shoot some of boxing's greatest bouts--Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali's Thrilla in Manila, among them. Frost/Nixon writer Peter Morgan, who recently warmed up to real-life sports rivalries with the Formula 1 drama Rush, is developing the screenplay, but "no one was commenting" on exactly how a narrative structure will be built around the various fights. Likewise, all parties are remaining quiet as to whether this is Ang's bitter reaction to his friends repeatedly skipping his turn in EA Fight Night.

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