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Billy Bob Thornton To Darn Tootin' Star in FX's 'Fargo' Series


No doubt missing Coen-birthed criminality and his joyful years on the John Ritter-Markie Post sitcom Hearts Afire, Billy Bob Thornton is returning to television for FX's Fargo: The Series.

According to Deadline, Thornton will play "Lorne Malvo, a rootless, manipulative man who meets a small town insurance salesman and sets him on a path of destruction." As you may note if you've seen Fargo, that's a new character, as is the insurance salesman and likely most if not all of the cast. It seems FX is taking a different approach to their adaptation than the old 1997 pilot, which cast Edie Falco as the new Marge Gunderson. This series will instead just take the "the trademark humor, murder and 'Minnesota nice'" of the Coens' film and apply it to new crimes and characters. The plan now is for a ten-episode run that it's "conceivable" could go on to a second season in the vein of American Horror Story, moving on again to still another naïve police force shocked by a new uncharacteristically violent crime, a new human corpse spat out by an all-new piece of gardening machinery, new small-denomination stamps, and so on.

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