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Bradley Cooper in Talks for Marvel's Talking Space Raccoon


Marvel recently lined up Vin Diesel to play the alien plant Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the Fast/Furious star's casting as a talking tree raised an important question: if a Vin grumbles without a blonde frat-boy-type beside him, does he really make a drone? Rather than find out, the studio has decided to play it safe with their casting of Groot's similarly anthropomorphized friend, Rocket Raccoon. As reported by LatinoReview and since confirmed by THR, Bradley Cooper is now in talks to voice the gun-loving space raccoon in James Gunn's upcoming film, scheduled to debut this time next year.

THR has also confirmed yesterday's rumor Elizabeth Olsen would join Avengers: The Age of Ultron as Scarlet Witch, adding that her talks are even further along than Cooper's. And for those that haven't been paying attention: Marvel is making movies involving both witches and talking raccoons now. They'll explain later.

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