English-Subbed 'The Wind Rises' Trailer: Miyazaki's Fantastical World of Jet Design and Experimental Painting

August 15, 2013


Studio Ghibli and legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki latest effort, a film about WWII's Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter jet designer, has a new trailer to remind us that some eyes are going to get wet over this one, one way or another. You may remember, just a month ago, a Japanese trailer already showed us exactly that, and in fact this trailer appears to be the same as the one premiered but quickly removed then. But the big difference here is that, in preparation for The Wind Rises' TIFF debut, this version has English subtitles. Now, instead of just taking in the wistful visuals while wondering what's ha--OH GOD HER FACE, did that just happen??--you can this time fully understand the--CHRIST, is that BLOOD!? Tell me that's just paint!!! So, enjoy.

Maybe they just forgot to add in the subtitle that explains, "Oh, it's fine; no one's face was blown off. She's just weeping through some watercolor paint for an experimental art piece, because maybe that character is Yoko Ono."

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