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Have Some More Franco with the 'Palo Alto' Trailer


Back in June, James Franco asked the internet to send him dollars for some adaptations of Palo Alto, a book of stories by and based on none other than James Franco. He ended up not reaching his half-a-million-dollar goal, yet apparently all along there was Franco failsafe to make sure his fictionalized story will be told: a different Palo Alto adaptation, which premieres tonight at the Telluride Film Festival and now has a trailer in advance.

Naturally, Franco appears in the film, but the real star here seems to be nepotism. Emma Roberts stars alongside Val Kilmer's son Jack, while Gia Coppola makes her writing-directing debut and her cousin Robert Schwartzman provides original music. Still, like her aunt Sofia, Coppola seems to have a knack for giving bored white kid problems a dreamy, stylish atmosphere that could make this one worthwhile. Particularly if you're bored, white, and/or related to someone.

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