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Lindsay Lohan Continuing Fascination with Self-Defeating Egotism with 'Eastbound & Down' Role


Lindsay Lohan is headed to the world of Eastbound & Down, where repeatedly fucked up attempts to reclaim glory are expected and encouraged. The HBO series is currently in production on its fourth and final season, and sources reportedly tell E! Lohan was on-set shooting a part in the comedy, which focuses on Danny McBride's Kenny Powers, a self-destructive former baseball pro on a long and likely dead-end road to comeback. She's said to be playing a central character's daughter, the bride in a wedding "set many years in the future," when it's here being imagined Lohan will still be alive and free.

"#back@work! So grateful today! :)," Lohan tweeted of the part, clearly appreciative to be given yet another chance. Now it will be all the more tragic when the next week's episode starts with her passed out on Myrtle Beach surrounded by acrylic shot glasses.

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