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Matt Damon May Be Bourne Again


Now that he's seen Jeremy Renner playing with his the old action hand-me-downs he outgrew, Matt Damon has, like Tom Cruise before him, realized he might like them back now. Twitch reports Damon has entered talks with Universal to rejoin the franchise that's since been re-tailored for Renner's stature.

Damon has long stated that his involvement would be contingent on director Paul Greengrass also agreeing to come back. That has apparently not changed, as the studio is said to be simultaneously in talks with Greengrass to make his return as well.

As for what this means for Renner's Aaron Cross, who's already been promised a sequel, word is he'll be sticking around, "with potential crossover/merger of the characters' stories to be sorted out if and when Damon signs back up." Should they indeed merge, assumedly the merger would bear the face of Damon, but would have the strength of both packed into a twelve-foot-tall body with an extra set of gun-arms.

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