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New 'The Counselor' Trailer: Things Get Pretty Bad, Then Multiplied by Ten


Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz star in Ridley Scott's Cormac McCarthy-scripted The Counselor, one of the best-pedigreed films conceived outside Woody Allen in recent memory. There's a new trailer for the film, but like the last one, it's denser with tension and intrigue than plot details, so here's the basic deal: Fassbender, our titular counselor, gets involved with the Brian Grazer-haired Javier Bardem for some kind of illicit drug deal. Things spiral out of control, people get shot, a motorcyclist loses his head, and a cheetah finds its way to the driver's seat of an SUV, and it's like, hey, where do you think you're going, cheetah?

Pretty convoluted for an anti-drug PSA, but as a dramatic thriller, it looks pretty intense.

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